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FurnaceTM pedestals come with multiple options basis its the application which include a static pedestal, a mobile pedestal and a multifunctional pedestal for dynamic seating arrangements. The line formations on the product can be controlled with its inlay and overlay design options to adjust according to the office layout.


  • Elegant
  • Smooth finish

Overlay / inlay pedestal



  • Load capacity of 20-25kg/ compartment
  • Double skin door
  • Optional cushion top
  • Drawers with telescopic slide mechanism
  • Pedestal / numeric locking mechanism
  • Recess / side handle design options


Product name Height Width Depth
3D inlay 650 400 450
2D overlay 650 400 450
2D overlay 550 400 450
2D overlay with cushion 550 400 450
3D overlay 650 400 450