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Material management

Material management is directly associated with the operational efficiency of an organization. Success of a factory business depends on the safe and efficient transport of their product from one area of the shopfloor to another. Having the right material storing and handling system can significantly reduce product loss and workplace accidents.

Smart storage systems can not only help store the material safely but also optimize the space efficiency of the shopfloor. Our material storage systems focus on creating extra space by inculcating smart storing methods.

Mobile shelving system

Mobile shelving System is a perfect way to create abundance of storing capacity in a confined space. This means you can use your floor space, more profitably. Store any item from files to raw material to finished Our mobile shelving system comes with a drive chain mechanism with an anti-tilting and unit locking provision. Additionally, we offer an optional entry ramp and configurable shelving.


  • Mobile shelving system application


  • Mobile shelving system application

    Godowns / Factories

  • Mobile shelving system application

    Hospitals / Labs

  • Mobile shelving system application


Mobile Shelving System


  • Improve productivity
  • More Storage in less space
  • No more time wastage
  • Futuristic Approach
  • Increased Protection
  • Reduced Costs
Mobile shelving system

Racking system

Our robust racking solutions are suited for shopfloor, warehouse and distribution centres. The design and dimensions of the racks are determined based on the size of the goods stored in it, its weight and the storage space.


  • Racking system application

    Assembly operations

  • Racking system application

    Industrial warehouses

  • Racking system application

    Factory facilities

  • Racking system application

    Distribution centres

Racking System

Light duty rack

Load capacity : 100 - 200 Kg UDL
Height Width Depth
4',5',6',7' 4',5',6',7' 2', 3'

Medium duty rack

Load capacity : 500 Kg UDL
Height Width Depth
4',5',6' 4',5',6' 2', 3', 4'

Material handling trolleys

Our material handling trolleys enable short distance material movement in a safe and organized manner. Proper material handling system are put in place to improve customer service, reduce inventory, shorten delivery time and lower overall handling costs in factory.

Base Trolley

Base trolley

Basic Trolley

Basic trolley

Panel Trolley

Panel trolley

Cage Trolley

Cage trolley