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Lab safety

We adhere to industry safety and quality standards like SEFA 8, ASHRAE, BS EN, OSHA standards. We internally generate and check test certificates at every stage of the process e.g. calibration certificate, R.M. test certificate,  pre dispatch, installation qualification, operation qualification, performance qualification, design qualification inspection report.

Our highly efficient quality team conducts in-process quality checks at every stage of production and before dispatch.


A laboratory fume hood is a type of ventilation system that primarily functions to provide personnel protection against toxic fumes, vapours and dust. Its secondary function includes protection against chemical spills, runaway reactions and fires by acting as a physical barrier.
Our high performance and energy efficient powder coated steel fume hood comes in 3 types - Low bench, Bench top and Walk in, with auto bypass airflow.


  • Utility services for Nitrogen, vaccuum, compressed air and raw wate comes with color coded olypropelene/epoxy coated knobs for easy recognition.
  • Interior wall liners made of phenolic resin material features strength, easy cleanability, resilience and high chemical resistence.
  • Rigid frame structure of galvanized steel.
  • A two tubed, energy efficient, T-5 fluoroscenet lighting sealed with thick tempered diffused glass panel ensures optimum illumination.
  • Ergonomically designed airfoil at the bottom of the fumehood provides obstruction free access to the hood interior.
  • Vertical sliding sash moves on a chain drive/counter balance system.
  • The hood superstructure is prewired and cable tied for ease of routing. Colorcoding of connections and fixtures make for easy usability.


Height Width Depth
8' 4' 3′
8' 5' 3′
8' 6' 3′
8' 8' 3′

Chemical storage

Safe handling and storing of chemicals is paramount in a lab space. Recognising this, we offer a cabinet designated specifically to store chemicals, which comes with a secure locking system and air vents on the doors. A damper on the top of the cabinet can be easily connected to the existing ducting system. A sandwiched toughened glass door aids in easy visibility of what’s inside.


Height Width Depth
6' 3' 1.5'

Safety shower

Eye wash

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