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Multipurpose wall

Multipurpose is the future of Infrastructure. Create spaces within your workspace for increased storage for. Configure the Multipurpose wall to your needs. An inhouse display unit? A designated space for a specific operation?

  • Create identical spaces in multiple locations
  • Knockdown construction
  • Increased storage space
  • Flexible attachment options
  • Adds aesthetic value
  • Acts as space divider


  • Multipurpose wall application

    Inhouse display unit

  • Multipurpose wall application

    Industrial work operations

  • Multipurpose wall application

    Retail showcase

The multipurpose wall is a prefabricated modular configurable wall, designed to fit:

/assets/img/solutions/facilities/Multi-Purpose Wall1.png
  • A.Cabinets
  • B.Shelves
  • C.Worktables
  • D.Lighting
  • E.Perforation
  • F.Electrical points
  • G.hanging provisions
  • H.Showcase items
  • I.Company branding
  • and much more
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